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Nepal Animal Welfare and Research center (NAWRC)

Cruelty Defense

Animals are abused, tortured and mal-treated in different community and streets by human. Some are severely injured and uncared for long time causing difficult life. Mostly people throw hot boiling waters, use sharp equipment to hurt animals. Hunting for taking useful organs are common in wild life and endangered species. Systematic and regular control of these human activities are today's essence. So, we help to minimize and control such abuses to animals in a special formats with dedicated teams who have good knowledge to handle the cruelty to animals in local and government level. What we do? 1. We organize, manage and give authority to special task force with a name of "Cruelty Defense Team" to investigate, operate and proceed the cruelty complains to minimize cruelty to animals. 2. We manage workshops, conferences and benchmarks to develop the animal welfare and control animals abuses national wise. 3. Every cruelty case will be handled in a legal format and approaches, so it helps in development of Animal Welfare Acts in Nepal. 4. We will lobby with government to establish and enforce the law to prevent cruelty to animals. 5. Each cruelty case that comes to us are subject to legal treatments. So, they will be forwarded and regulated to concern departments and organization to give effective and ethical results to control repetition of such crimes in future. 6. We will involve government departments and court in case handling, so it will serve as evidence for future too. (As when you witnessed some cruelty to animals, please complain us here!)