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Nepal Animal Welfare and Research center (NAWRC)

Transformation Programs

At present, people are very concern to their own patterns and habits influencing the close eco-systems badly. More commercialization and essence of money has led to various animal abuses, tortures, killings, hunting them in cruel and worst manner. The sensitization on animals are not the subject to consider or is being ignored, which directly and indirectly pollutes our socio-psychological and ecological environments. Even anthropologist have shown the civilization and mental growth have direct relation to the activities that we do to harm animals. Children are more affected in their psychology and mental growth from the environment they grow with. A child grown in close supervision of butcher house and meat shop or the sacrifice areas, are crueler and socially dis functioning. Present population compositions shows children and adult occupy the largest portion, they are creating the future environment with social-crimes and animal abuses; if we don't step on prompt transformation process. Culture, religion or current practices of killing behaviors to consume meat, should be transformed from cruel ways to human accepted ways and far from the direct sight of children. What we do? 1. We conduct social transformation research to avoid the cruelty to animals. 2. We aware, lobby and convince traditional and religious areas and sites to stop the sacrifice system or keep them far from the close eye sight of children and women. 3. We offer alternation methods for sacrifice systems to discourage it ethically or legally. 4. We spread awareness programs against sacrifice systems transforming community from cruelty to compassion on animals. 5. We promote Veganism, spread knowledge about Veganism and support inner transformation in people to go Vegan. 6. We collaborate our transformation programs with different religious group, cultural groups, social groups, and youth groups, national and international groups to lead society towards animal's friendly environment.