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Nepal Animal Welfare and Research center (NAWRC)

Anti-Sacrifice Programs

Sacrifices System in Nepal, that are practiced since years, are the major cause of suffering to animals in Nepalese Community. People have a age followed religious norms and beliefs, which promote and aids the sacrifice system to continue in this modern period too. The biggest challenge to us is to end the sacrifice system legally and practically in ground level. This is a big challenge in sense because 85% of people in Nepal are Hindu and they have deep belief on Sacrifice Systems for worshiping Gods and Goddess. Major sacrificing festivals are Gadhimai Mela, Dashain, Nava Durga Puja, Deewali Purnima etc. But most of the temples where Kali or Durga - The Goddess of Power is worshiped have sacrifice regularly. Dakshinkali Temple, Palanchowk Bhagawati, Manakamana, etc are the major temples of Goddess Durga, where different animals are sacrificed with adopting Halal Systems daily. Thousands of goats, rosters, pigs, pigeons, buffalos, rats and other species are offered as sacrifice to appease Durga in belief that she will bless with fortune and prosperity in their life.

The Halal Systems of sacrifice process to kill animals is the hardest form of their death because they suffer long with slow death passing all blood from half slitted neck. Sometime we can observe the worst practice of sacrificing the animals with half head chopped, cutting few nerves in neck, tearing of skills alive etc. In reality, if we go through the depth of Hindu Religion or Hindu Holy Prescriptions, there is no point to kill animals for religion. Hinduism has never supported and promoted the Sacrifice System neither it provokes people to practice it. So, its essential to change society to end this cultural and religious beliefs from their mindset. Such systems of sacrifices should be legally prohibited and mass awareness programs should be conducted.

New generations should be changed from this unethical beliefs. Two third of the population are covered by the children and adult population, who are influenced major by the environment we live and learn from the culture we adopt. Rather being compassionate to animals, we are leading the path of cruelty and sacrifice causing various socio-economic, mental and physical health problems. Human Development Index is high on those countries having proper rules and laws to control cruelty to animals and we have facts that, most of the developed and developing nations are uplifted in overall development adopting the compassionate and harmoneous environments. All we need to do is to direct our future generations towards the world, where every living values and owe equal rights to live their life.

What we do?
1. We collaborate with religious organizations and groups to create mass awareness enlightening people about the real meaning of sacrifice and minimize the cruelty to animals from reducing sacrifice morally.
2. We lobby Government and concern departments to legally and morally discourage Sacrifice System openly.
3. We educate school and collage children about Sacrifice System and it negative impacts on psycho-socio environment.
4. We do campaigns and research programs on various aspects of Sacrifice Systems, Socio-Psycho Developments Relations with Sacrifice Systems and other to end sacrifice systems in Nepal.

We are ready and have been dedicated to raise voices of millions of animals that are deprived from their basic needs in their life and suffer hard. Are you ready to help us?

We are nothing without your help and support. With the mission to end Sacrifice Systems from Nepal, we are on field with best we could offer.

With the view to help maximal animals in needs, we have started the Complain Forms to register the case against cruelty to animals. If you witnessed any case, register to us and we will do what we can!