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Dear all,
It has been long time since the Pandemics of COVID-19 a new kind of CORONA VIRUS have hit the world and Nepal has not been spare. When the countries in the world with greater amount of animal lovers do have animal suffering, we have different stories. Yes, it is the country where animlas are worshipped, but sadly it is the country where animals are sacrified too. People worship animal on specific day and abondan them very next day.
Free roaming canine population has been common sight in Nepal. Here at Banepa, some 26 Kms East of Kathmandu, Country's Capital, the sutuation is getting worse due to this pandemics. Large number of shops and travelling people in one of the busiest wholesale market with significant amount of food waste to eat have been boon for increasing canine population. Since the establishment of Nepal Animal Welfare and Research Center (NAWRC), the size is under control as the NEUTER program continues.

As pandemics engulf the world and Nepal government have declared nationwide lockdown, the scenario has been changed. The shops are closed, very few people make their way through and these souls have no way for getting food. As the days of lockdown continues, our worries for them increase. We discussed this issue with all our supporters including HAT UK.  They green signalled; forwarding Idea of feeding strays since the day 1 of lockdown.

As days passes on, we are now awaited by them. Wagging tails, elation barkings and closeness with the things they used to fear (due to neuter works). We are glad that we are able to manage many of them feed in this pandemics. Shout out to all the helping hands including "Home Street Home: Nepal Community Dog TNR Project" for their unconditional support to feed them.

We are highly motivated in our mission of being "Voice Of Voiceless".


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