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Human Wildlife Conflict

As number of people either shift towards the more populated areas as like that of the nearby cities and or to the center of districts in Nepal, the dependency of poeple on the forest decreases. It is even decreased by the used of LPG gas instead of firewood. People drew more sources of water from the jungles to the dewlling areas creating the scarce of essentials for the wild boar, resulting the increased activities of wild boar near the scattered sorroundings in the villages. Wild Boar commonly called as "बदेल" in Nepali language are a prominent threat to the crops grown around the villages throught the hilly region of Nepal. Wild Boar is providing a risk to the growing crops, hence effecting the livelihood as well as the economy of the people living around Banepa as well. Especially ward no. 2,3,4 and 14 of Banepa Municipality are more affected by the wild boar.

Hence, we are getting a lot of queries about controlling those kind of wild board destruction of crops, we want a positive help and co-operation from international community and experts regarding the control mechanism of them


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