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Support Dristi

Urgent Call to Support DRISTI (Literally "VISION or EYE Seeing"

Dristi was found in petty condition, wrapped inside a WAIWAI Chowchau (noodles) box, infront of our office today morning. Both of her eyes are damaged and can't see. We are unknown who kept her like this. We found her early morning. Now, we can't leave her in this situation. We are consulting various veterinary doctors. We need prayers for her. Sponsor her treatment because we have no enough resources, infrastructures and vehicle.

Our Plan for Dristi:
1. Started antibiotics and deworming today. Continue antibiotics for two more days.
2. Surgical removal of both eys as they are completely damaged and suturing the eyes.
3. Finding good sponsors and foster family for his life in Nepal and/or internationally.

We need support as following:-
1. Sponsor vehicle costs to take her to clinic in Kathmandu - NRs 5,000 ($50) each time (estimated 6 times i.e. total estimated cost NRs 30,000 ($300))
2. Sponsor clinic charges - NRs 1,500 ($15) per day (estimated 15 days i.e. total costs NRs 22,500 ($225))
3. Sponsor medication and surgical costs - medicines 10,000 and surgical 5,000 (total estimated costs NRs 15,000 ($150))
5. Sponsor a cage, foods and care giver = NRs 15,000 ($150)
6. Other Expenses = NRs 10,000 ($100)

Total costs of Dristi's treatment = NRs 92,500 ($925).
Till 17th of May, 2019, 33.33% of funds raised and rest 66.67% remained. 

You can donate as small as $1 to support her treatment via our PayPal Id (

For donation above $50 please, visit our donation page HERE!

NAWRC want to establsih own "Animal Welfare Trust" to support needy animals like Dristi and continuity of the program for longterm by increasing its lifetime members. We have diversity of choices and schemes to offer you lifetime membership matching your interest and capacity. The membership fee will be directly deposited to our organization's fixed deposit account in bank and it is perpetual fund.
More details available HERE!

More photo's of DRISTI (graphic but real)


We are planning for a shelter which provide 24 hours clinical care, good food and shelter for dogs like DRISTI. Your small and regular donation may help us fulfil this ambition to support more needy animals. Join us and Support us! Subscribe our website and follow us in our facebook for more updates in our work!


You can now volunteer with us and visit popular sight seeing in Kavrepalanchok District through our GivingWay page. Click Here!

We are promoting Plant Based Herbal Products to raise funds and support your health. More details on Here!

Note: There are many recuers from abroad involved in Nepal to select critical cases and likely to support the case by raising unnecessary funds and resources to translocate dogs from Nepal to other countries without supporting organization and its sustainability, only benefiting themselves. NAWRC doesn't want to involve such rescuers in DRISTI's case without being our lifetime members. Any rescuers (raising funds for single cases, who want's to support DRISTI byheart can reach us before they take any initiations. Sorry for inconvinence, as organizational sustainability is most crucial is supporting needy animals locally. Thank you!

Case Ended: NAWRC tried best for saving his life. We regret to share that we were not able to save her life. We pray for peace of her departed soul and she will remain in our memory foreever. Thank you those who have supported us for treatment of her.


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