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Sotry of Abandoned Calves


Cow is National Animal of Nepal and Constitution of Nepal have legally protected them from any kind of harms and cruelties. Not only law, but Nepalese people worship cows as incarnation of Goddess Laxmi (Goddess of Wealth). Specially, cows are amoung 5 animals that are worshipped in Tihar. They are worshipped as Goddess Laxmi in third day of Tihar, popular with their name as "Gai Tihar" or "Laxmi Puja". Cows are known as "Gai" in Nepal.
In-spite-of the laws and cultural protection for cows, Nepalese regarded them as commodity. The cow farming trends in Nepal, with Government subsides, has lead to commercialized large scale cow farm. For the purpose of higher production in milk, Artificial Insimination (AI) is done and every year a calf is born. To manage the population in farms, male calves (these days female are also equally abandoneded) are abandoned in streets when they are able to stand, as early as of one month or below. These calves suffer worst situation in street, hunger, thrust, dog attack, road accidents, scary nights, human attacks and many more...

Videos related to abandoned calves in our Youtube Channel can be watched HERE!

Some photographs about abandoned calves


Major Problems Abandoned Cows and Calves are facing in Nepal:

  1. Deprieved of five freedoms in life, suffer from thirst, hunger, fear, disease and no health care.
  2. No proper shelter to keep them safe from sun, heat, cold, rains etc. 24 hours street life in open environment.
  3. Risk of various illness and defficency diseases.
  4. Street dog's gang attack and kill alive removing their flesh partially for hours of time. Untolerable suffering and no defence.
  5. Human attacks with sharp weapons, stones, bamboo sticks etc.
  6. No care, compassion and love. Hatered life like a "life in hell".


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