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Rescue Civet - PASSION



NAWRC recieved a phone call from Mr Durganath Dahal on the evening of 25th February, 2017 A.D. about the injured wildlife which was strange for the local people of KAKRE, NALA, Kavrepalanchok District.

It was spreaded from social networking site Facebook and Mr Durga informed us that he knew the location and peoples that are caring about this innocent creature. It was not possible for us to access him at night as we have no rescue ambulance and own transportation. So, in the ealrly morning on 26th February, we called District Forest Office, District Livestock Service Office, District Administration Office and Local Police to support us in rescue and relief for this animals. Till we reach the site, we were unknown about this strange, never seen animal, but after reaching the site, we found him to be a LARGE INDIAN CIVET. We named him PASSION and we have his regular updates in our official Facebook Page.

PASSION was found terrified, scared, traumatized and fraustrated when we first see him. He was lying in dry field, dehydrated and hopeless since last one week. Local people were offering him boiled rice and milk, but it was not his favoured food. So, having less diet for a week in a strange habitat made him skinny. His bones marks were seen outside of the skins. When we tried to touch him, he was defending hard. We were not soo equipped to handle him, so we used jute sacks to cover his eyes and hold him to start medication. First we were able to give him low dose of sedative medicine (xyla) and wait till he was normal. Then we started pain management with Meloxicam and gave him first dose of Antibiotics (Megapen). After few minutes of rest with antibiotics, we were able to carry him towards our vehicle to clean his wounds and bandage the leg. His nostrils were seriously damaged, his both forelegs were injured, there were several wounds in his neck and tail, so he was not able move.

We brought him to vehicle and give all first aid services and make him ready to travel our center for regular treatments and care. We are not facilitated to provide services for wild animals and not well equipped to handle them properly. But we can't let him in that condition which could prove fetal for him. So, we are offering him whatever we have avaibility and access in our capacity. We are working in remote areas and have less access to market areas where we can get proper food, proper medicines and equipments. Though we are able to keep him in dark, silent and seperate place. It might not be like his natural habitat, but we have no option than offering him best we could!

For regular updates about him, like our facebook page and follow this link's comments. CLICK HERE!

You can send your prayers and supports for his speedy recovery, sothat we could be able to return him in his own habitat. Please, support the listed things:
1. Financial Supports to cover his foods, bedding and medical treatments.
2. Warm blankets to keep him warm and silent.
3. Any foods, medicial supplies or other supplies which could help his recovery well.



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