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Save Monkeys of Pasupatinath

Thousands of monkeys in Pasupatinath Temple are suffering from a viral disease. The disease is fetal and spread widely among the female monkeys. This may be a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STDs) which have threatened the life of more than 4,000 monkeys. Pasupatinath - The Lord of Animals is a Hindu worshipped God who is known as "The Protecter of All Living Beings". The temple area has been popular as the residential areas of wild monkeys since decades and over hundreds of thousands pilgrims and visitors take pleasures of their visit with monkeys. The diseases is spreaded among many female monkeys as the matting season has been started. Monkeys are Polyandry in nature and have multiple sexual relations, which is the main reason of transmission of the disease. A female get infected with the virus, turn passive, get stroke on internal organs like kedneys, lungs etc. and falldown unconcious for couple of days and they die. We have circulated the news to national and international organizations for taking prompt actions before it became a challenge to save life of thousands of monkeys living in Pasupatinath Temple Area. Your small support can save their life and move us ahead to help them with medical support. DONATE US!


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