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Pasupatinath CNVR Campaign

Unity and Participation For Street Dogs of Pasupatinath Temple

Catch-Neuter-Vaccinate-Release (CNVR) is the human way to control the population of free roaming street dogs.

"No babies, no rabies" is Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust (HART)'s mission and "Community, Compassion, Care" is Nepal Animal Welfare and Research Center (NAWRC)'s mission. With collaboration to Pasupaninath Area Development Trust(PADT) and other organizations of Kathmandu Valley, NAWRC and HART is organizing a campaign where more than 200 free roaming strays will get medical services, anti-rabies vaccine and female will be spayed to control unmanageable litters of babies of them.

The program will start from 19th of February, 2016 to 23rd of same month. Our main objectives to conduct the program in world heritage Pasupatinath, is to ensure that pilgrims visiting the site to celebrate one of the big Hindu festival, Mahasivaratri, will have no risks of Rabies during and onwards of the festival. Besides, it ensures that the severe cases of Mange, TVT, and bacterial infections will have timely cures in shelters near the temple areas. Pasupatinath is regarded as the most important heritage and especially, Hindus worship Mahashivaratri every year.

Hundreds of thousands pilgrims from India, Bangladesh, USA and EU will visit the site during the festival with different reasons and the condition of roaming dogs are major concerns from everyone visiting there. We expect to give the best services to severe cases and control the fertility on female dogs by spaying them and monitoring them ensuring that they are living healthy. Male dogs are lesser in number comparable to female population as per the records of advanced mobile app which indicate each dog counted via GPS System.

HAT UK is supporting in Dog Population Management (DPM) in Nepal with this specialized android phone application that enables the geo-locating of every dog counted in the survey. Rabies is considered as the threats in South Asia and Africa, because street roaming dog population is growing day by day. Irresponsible ownerships, unmanaged garbages, lack of pet care awareness etc are the root causes of highly dense free roaming street dog population.

We need supports and help to control the breeding population of dogs and control Rabies till it eradicate from our societies and nation. To support us visit our facebook, subscribe our newsletters and donate us! Each donation we receive from you will be tax exempted and will contribute one life in getting better health service and a healthy life!


After the Campaign

Date: 25th February, 2016

The campaign was setteled in Panchadewal (Back ground of Elderly Home, PADT). HART Nepal team with full equipments and preparation set-up the camp. The Program starts on 20th of February, 2016 and ended on 24th of February, 2016. During the program, different organizations participated and there was good relationship with the participating organizations. The program was able to spread the message of "Unity in DPM" nationally and internationally.

We were able to train our veterinarian/surgeon with help of HART Nepal and our team gained more experiences in sector of mobile CNVR Campaigns. With collaboration to various organization, we were able to spay 136 female street dogs, 6 male street dogs and 1 female cat. We also provide medical services to more than 10 severe case including Transmissible Veginal Tumor (TVT). Some long treatment cases are being cared by shelter providing organization like CDW and PBK.

The program was very successful in helping the Dog Population Management in Pasupatinath Area. There is a plan to follow for the impact analysis on May, 2016 with HART Nepal Team by using the mobile application.


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