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Ended Gadhimai Legally


Gadhimai Mela is a Hindu Festival. The festival is celebrated to apease Gadhimai - Hindu Goddess, who is worshiped as the incarnation of Bhagawati (Parvati) in form of Kali. It is located 160 kms southern from Kathmandu at Bariyarpur of Bara district. It is believed that offering the sacrifices of innocent animals to Gadhimai, makes her happy and the blessing of prosperity and wishes fulfilments are offered in return apeasing her. In 2009, it is believed that more than 5 millions of animals including water buffalos, goats, pegions, rats, snakes etc were sacrificed in two days of the festival. The festival is celebrated in every 5 years and it is finished very recently on November of 2014 sacrificing more than 300 thousands of animals this episode.

When we search the atrocity of Gadhimai in google, the hundreds of brain disturbing images, many petitions and reports will be displayed. Many organizations and individuals are involved to end this blood scattering festival that has created un-tolerable suffering in animals damaging their life. The witness of Gadhimai mela once, will never dare again to see the gory again because of it's devastating and fraustrating to many people. But the festival is attended by 3-5 millions devotees from local Bara District, boardering districts and Bihar from India. Devotees, including maximum numbers of children and women, have hard believe on Gadhimai and they assume apeasing Gadhimai with sacrifices will bring fortune and prosperity in their life. People believe that making wish with Gadhimai by sacrificing goats, pegions etc will apease her and their wishes comes true. But in fact neither Hinduism nor Gadhimai as an incarnation of Goddess Parvati - wife of lord Shiva, accept the sacrificing systems in temples.



How the festival started?

Gadhimai festival was started by the feuderal landlord before 265 years. He was imprisoned when Gadhimai comes in his dreams and said if he offers blood from five parts of his body, she will bring good fortune in his life and make his wishes comes true. As when he came out of prison, he collect people and started the gory by offering his own blood from five parts of his body. But due to many other external factors causes, the festival was limited as a local festival for several years. The festival has now became the world's second largest sacrificing festival since few years. More than 70% of devotees comes from Bihar of India offering 3-5 water buffalos each family. Animals are sacrificed with several attempts using unskilled butchers and weapons. Bloods are scattered over 5-7 killometers areas. First, 5 different animals are sacrificed inside temple area just after the light is flamed automatically and then people outside temple area hijack animals scattered in the range. Special fenced ground is prepared where thousands of water buffalos are kept without water and foods for many days over crowded. On the day of sacrifice, they are released in middle of the ground and the drunk butchers start beheading them unsystematically and un-humanly.

What have we done?

We have started writ petition in Supreme Court of Nepal for the first time demanding the following:

  1. Stop Gadhimai Festival - It's against existing laws of Nepal (Meat Inspection Act, Qarentine Act, Fundamental Rights of People to live in healthy environment, etc)
  2. Stop Government Funding for Sacrifices - Its against human ethics and humanity to pay such festivals by Government Funds which is collected from Public Taxes.
  3. Enforcement of Existing Animals and Meat Consumption Acts - Qarentine Check, Meat Inspection and Verification, Environment Protection Laws, etc should be practically enforced.
  4. Special Committee should be enacted to inspect and control the illegal trading and brutality on sacrifices of Animals in Gadhimai during mela.
  5. To establish the Animal Welfare and Right Law, Prevention on Cruelty to Animals Laws and other laws controlling the suffering of animals in Nepal.

What we need to do more?

We are the small group of people protesting against the sacrifices of animals in Gadhimai. We are not able to move forward with the mission to end it unless we receive supports from different national and international supporters. Its not that easy to stop the long practiced cultures of people. We need your physical, mental, financial and personel support bring the effective laws in Nepal to end the sacrifices of animals. We need:-
  1. Your financial supports to continue the legal defence on sacrifices.
  2. Your personal support to protest against sacrifices systems.
  3. Your technical and logistic supports to force GoN to stop sacrifices legally.
  4. Your organizational support in fund rasing and preparing the fund to spread awareness and convince local people to stop sacrificing in the temples and public areas.
  5. Other supports you could offer to end this bad culture from root.

Our Success

On 3rd of August, Court of Justice, Supreme Court of Nepal ordered Governement of Nepal to BAN GADHIMAI legally. Addressing our demands on WRIT PETITION against GADHIMAI MASSCRE, Supreme Court has ordered Government of Nepal and concerned departments act as soon as possible to form a SPECIAL NATIONAL INVESTIGATION COMMITTEE to control and minimize CRUELTY TO ANIMALS and END OF CULTURAL SACRIFICES in Nepal.

Not only the environmental and economic hazzards, old practised CULTURES which have social, psychological and agricultural dis-balances in our NATION. The decision of Supreme Court are welcomed by various RELIGIOUS and CULTURAL groups in Nepal and internationally. But WORLD HINDU FEDERATION is opposing the decision by saying it as the "AGAINST CULTURE DECISION" and "SC has no rights to ban the individual religious beleifs and standards."

You can download and see the full Writ Petition in two languages attached below:
WRIT PETITION - Nepali Version sc-writ-petition_nepali.pdf
WRIT PETITION - English Version sc-writ-petition_english.pdf
FIRST BENCH SC INTERIM ORDER - Nepali Version sc_decision_nep.pdf
FIRST BENCH SC INTERIM ORDER - English Version sc_decision_eng.pdf

We are in process to receive the FINAL ORDER from Supreme Court to Government of Nepal. For this we need to pay the due fees to the lawyers and preparation funds to translate Nepali versions of decisions to English. Because of CONCENTRATION of INTERNATIONAL FUNDS to limited organizations, whos fame are established in this GADHIMAI PROTESTS since last TEN years, have created us challenges in organizing various programs of ANIMAL WELFARE and RIGHTS in Nepal.

NEPAL ANIMAL WELFARE AND RESEARCH CENTER (NAWRC) was only one organization who attended the SUPREME COURT regularly and our lawyers were only the lawyers who defended the BENCH regularly. Other organizations involved in this case, just registered their petitions and were idle for two years of time to have this decisions. Because we were late by few minutes in registering the WRIT PETITION in Supreme Court and technical errors of court's procedures, our name was biased in news published. The court decisions in similar nature case will be published in their website with the name of first registered party and same error happened to us. But the final written documents, attendences in dates scheduled by court and bench of justices records will prove us that we were only one organization to attend and lead it actively till Supreme Court ordered Government of Nepal to BAN GADHIMAI MASSACRE.

We will be able to attach the FINAL DECISIONs here as when we will receive it from Supreme Court of Nepal. To continue this WRIT PETITION and bring it to this end, we have struggled much more. We have financial dues to clear which occured during this procedures. Your support is only as way to clear it and bring it to action. We can't end CULTURAL SACRIFICES practically till local people are AWARED of the BAD aspects of SACRIFING ANIMALS. For this, we need to conduct various awareness programs, press releases etc which need huge finance.

Support us DONATING and SHARING this news to your circles. Spread it WIDER and SUPPORT US!


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